Burundi 2005

The Burundi 2005 documentary was made for charity and reposted on this YouTube channel because we think it may be of interest to our viewers.
WARNING: The picture and sound quality leaves something to be desired!
This is because the material was also filmed under makeshift conditions, the budget was only 0 Euro, and the team consisted of only 2 people. We wanted to prioritize the content.
We would like to thank again the Kamenge Youth Center, The Drummers of Burundi and look forward to continued positive collaboration.
ps: The staff that made it is clearly the same staff that runs the channel.

#burundi #kamenge #africa #hutu #tutsi #colonialism

DVD Burundi 2005
DVD Burundi 2005 Original
Burundi 2005 Flyer

Original Covers

Burundi 2005 Flyer

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