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Here’s a list of services I could offer on Fiverr:

  1. eBook Editing: Editing and proofreading digital books to ensure accurate and error-free writing.
  2. eBook Formatting: Formatting eBooks to make them compatible with major e-reader devices.
  3. Cover Design: Creating eye-catching and professional covers for digital and paperback books.
  4. Ghostwriting: Writing books or chapters on commission without author attribution.
  5. Book Description Writing: Crafting persuasive book descriptions to increase sales.
  6. eBook Conversion: Converting books into various formats like MOBI, EPUB, PDF, etc.
  7. Audiobook Production: Producing audiobooks from written content, including recording and audio editing.
  8. eBook Promotion: Consulting and strategizing ways to promote and market books online.
  9. Print-on-Demand (POD) Setup: Assisting in setting up and publishing books for print-on-demand.
  10. Author Website Design: Creating custom websites for authors to promote their books.
  11. eBook Pre-Launch Marketing: Planning and implementing pre-launch marketing strategies.
  12. eBook Distribution: Offering guidance and assistance in distributing eBooks on different platforms.
  13. ISBN Assistance: Helping authors obtain and utilize ISBNs for self-published books.
  14. eBook Keyword Research: Conducting keyword research to improve book discoverability online.
  15. Book Review Services: Providing book reviews and ratings to enhance credibility.
  16. Author Branding: Developing author branding to stand out in the market.
  17. Social Media Management: Managing social media channels to promote the book and engage with readers.
  18. Book Trailer Creation: Crafting promotional videos for books to capture audience attention.
  19. eBook Series Planning: Consulting on planning and structuring book series.
  20. Translation Services: Translating books into other languages to reach a broader audience.

Remember, success depends on the quality of your products.

See you soon!

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